Ecole des Sables


Ecole des Sables

The happy body, december, 3-15

|Live the dance and live the Culture for age 50+

Ecole des Sables invites you to come to Toubab Dialaw, a small fishing village in Senegal, to familiarize yourself with dance and movement, an immediate and intense personal means of expression, to find natural well-being through an intimate union between the body and the mind. In an ideal environment, surrounded by a competent and caring team, everything is taken care of for you to spend moments full of meaning, experience, cultural exchange, and discovery together. This is mainly a great opportunity to explore African Dance directly at its source, to feel the energy of one’s body and that of the environment.

It is also an opportunity to undertake various activities and to learn about the lifestyle of the people of the village of Toubab Dialaw. The Ecole des Sables is a unique place in Africa and in the world, a large Center considered the “Home” of African Dance. Created especially to train young African dancers, this Center wishes to extend to others the opportunity to discover Africa through one of its major forms of expression: Dance. Age should not be a handicap but rather express the wisdom and the wealth of experience and the willingness to continue to be active in this world. Making the body work is the best way to maintain physical autonomy and well-being.

There are considerable known positive impacts of movement on mental well-being as well. This program deeply influences and helps one to live comfortably with the heart and the body, whatever one’s age. Knowing that time is perceived in Africa in a radically different way than in the West, the concept of age is also conceived differently. The elders are respected, listened to. They are not put aside as we see in Europe; they play an essential role in the society and remain active. In Africa the elders dance, so come and dance with them!

Facilitaros: Germaine Acogny et Claude Magne


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