Ecole des Sables


Ecole des Sables

PERFORMANCE: End of residency, Friday, November 15, 16:00, Ecole des Sables

The Ecole des Sables is pleased to invite you to the end of residency performance “The mixture of angels”.

This representation is the result of a three-week training residency in collaboration with MiBAC-D.G. Entertainment, the Embassy of Italy in Dakar ,  the Accademia Nazionale di Danza and the Ecole des Sables  is part of the year “Italy, Culture, Africa”, with the aim of contributing to the enhancement of the respective cultural identities and to the exchange of artistic practices.

Eight (8) Senegalese students from the Ecole des Sables and three (3) students from the National Dance Academy of Rome benefited from this training.

These dancers will have the honor to present their work on Friday. November 15, 2019, at 4 pm, at the École des Sables. 

“The mixture of angels” is a work on energy, weight, support, roots.

It is based on the principle of fluidity, gravity, to be present with sense from body and soul.

The training was conducted by two teachers from the Accedemia Nazionale di Danza, and the performance was conducted by the choreographer Giorgio Rossi who has recently produced a choreography for the final artistic production 2019 of the Accademia Nazionale di Danza.

Italian choreographer, Giorgio Rossi has traveled the world, thanks to the universality of the poetic art of movement.

Giorgio believes deeply in the art of the poetic movement . That’s why he defines himself as a defender of the imagination.

His dance is made of a mischievous organic energy, it is both ironic and touching.


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Phone: 77 740 17 44/33 836 36 19

Mail: jantbi@gmail.com


Idea and artistic direction : Giorgio ROSSI
Assistant choreographer: Maria CELIA
Contemporary dance teacher: Maria Corinna ANASTASIO
Musician: Federico DI MAIO
Videographer: Andrea MICARONI
Director of the National Dance Academy of Rome: Enrica PALMIERI MARIA
Amy Collé SECK
Mapathé SAKHO
Bernadette DIABANG
Khadija CISSE
Seynabou POUYE
Alexandre GARCIA
Roberta ABATE