The rooster is dead (1999)

Choregraphy : Susanne Linke, Germany et Avi Kaiser, Israel

German Dance-Theatre confronts African dance, a piece for eight men “The rooster is dead”. Choreography Susanne Linke (Germany) and Avi Kaiser (Israel) / Jant-Bi Company (Senegal). Length : approx. 70 minutes without interval.

This choreographic creation by Susanne Linke assisted by Avi Kaiser, searches for the place that man occupies in African society, and beyond, in Western society. Given that he is no longer in strict relation with the fundamentals of life, his environment (earth and water), he finds himself separated from his own perception and conscience of the body. The more man ignores his real nature, the more he becomes dependant.

Under his clothes, made to measure, beats his heart; under the sand runs the water of life. Power, as a physical force, as an intellectual, mystical and secular force, is the pivot of this piece. The “willingness of force” of the human being is such that he can forget his own nature, his real pulsations, which lead him to be separated from himself, from others and from his environment. But during certain rare privileged moments, when the shell crumbles, the mask disappears and man “is”. Besides the symbiosis between African dance and the German Dance-Theatre, the African-Western musical fusion and the creation of sound spaces by Etienne Schwarcz plays a predominant role. The “rooster is dead” was created for eight dancers in 1999. Since then, the Company has successfully participated in different festivals and has performed in many of the best theatres in Europe and the United States where it impressed the public by its quality and by the dancer’s extraordinary energy.

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