The Company Jant-bi


The Jant-Bi Company was created in 1998 with the dancers who had participated in the first workshop at the International Centre for Traditional and Contemporary African Dances, the “Ecole des Sables” in ToubabDialaw.

The Jant-Bi Company keeps in close contact with the Centre, which is at the same time a place of encounters and exchanges for dancers and choreographers from Africa, the African Diaspora and from different cultures from all over the world. In this way each choreographic piece reflects the spirit of the Centre.

Through the contact with a choreographer representing another culture and another dance style, a work of fusion is accomplished between this style and the essence of African dances. Susanne Linke and Germaine Acogny’s first choreographic project, “The rooster is dead”/”Le Coq est mort”, is a encounter between the German dance-theatre and African dance, and the second, co-choreographed by Kota Yamazaki / Japan and Germaine Acogny “Fagaala”, between the Butoh and traditional and contemporary African Dance.

In 2007, Germaine Acogny goes into partnership with her son, Patrick Acogny for the creation of Waxtaan, with some of the most beautiful traditional dances from different African countries transformed into a contemporary creation.

And in 2008 it’s the collaboration between Germaine Acogny and the Afro-American choreographer Jawole Zolar from New York for the creation “Scales of memory”

The latest creation was made in 2014 under the direction of the renowned South African choreographer Robyn Orlin.

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