Jant-bi Jigeen



Since 2006, the idea of creating a branch of the Jant-bi company with women dancers only was gaining ground in the minds of the directors of the Ecole des Sables.

Since 2009, the Ecole des Sables is working on a training program for Senegalese female dancers which lead to the creation of the Company Jant-Bi Jigeen (Jant-Bi women), with 9 young dancers, 5 coming from the fishing village of Toubab Dialaw.

The first of its kind in Senegal, this company will help women take their rightful place on the contemporary dance scene in Senegal. It will encourage female creativity, the establishment of women choreographers and will contribute to the professionalization of female artists.

The company will spread throughout Senegal, Africa and beyond, the ideas, the questionings and the values with which the Senegalese, African women in particular, and the women in general, are confronted in today’s societies. A way of making sensitive and of questioning about the specific problems of the African women.

Afro-Dites / Kaddu Jigeen! is the first creation of the company Jant-Bi Jigeen, a choreography by Germaine Acogny and Patrick Acogny. This is the story of 9 young sharp-eyed senegalese women who speak out and dance their life as well as their view on modern Senegalese society. Creation 2012. “Afro-Dites” was premiered in Dakar in January 2012 and started touring internationally.

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