The book

The book “African Dance”


The book “African Dance” by Germaine Acogny, written in three languages – French, English and German – is at its fourth edition.

“AFRICAN DANCE” aims to, according to the President Léopold Sédar Senghor who wrote the preface in 1980, “correctly carry out different dance figures invented by Ms Acogny based on popular negro-African dances”.

This “simple and clear book” according to Maurice Béjart, is “the first milestone towards this African Dance prospective, image of a continent full of future”.

250 beautiful illustrations from the German photographer, Wolfgang von Wangenheim, accompany this book.


Extract :

“The artistic movement in which I place my own work, if it takes root in our popular traditions, it is not a return to the source. It is, on the contrary, a totally different path, firmly town-dwelling and modern, reflecting Africa today, an Africa of sky scrapers, an Africa of great international contradictions. We do not want to subjugate negro dancing. We would just like it to be a part of modern civilisation and that this dance can occupy the place that it has right to. It will only then be able to completely play its role as entertainment and reaction”.

G. Acogny

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