Dance for amateurs

An Open Space For Everyone

Alongside its mission to train dance professionals, Ecole des Sables also provides activities for non-professionals. It implements a variety of projects with a social and educational component.

Dancing As A Leisure Activity For Elders

Every Two years, Ecole des Sables introduces people over fifty from all over the world to African culture through one of its major artistic expressions: dance. The “dance and culture for elders” workshop proposes an exploration of Senegalese culture through danced movement, while showcasing and respecting the skills of our elders.

On the same basic principle, l’Ecole also organizes one-day events for people to meet and share, focused on a soft dance program, to allow retired people and seniors to benefit from the positive effects of dance on mind and body, and enjoy socializing.

Hosting Workshops For Amateurs

Ecole des Sables offers its facilities for organizing amateur workshops, for groups wishing to dance as a leisure activity or as a themed holiday.

The school can also organize weekend or week-long meetings on dance practice, accommodating your requirements and providing you with space, skills, teachers and equipment.


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Dance At School

It is my wish that dance be taught in kindergartens, primary schools and high schools in the same way as sports, so that young people can become rooted in their traditions and through this, their future opened up to a contemporary world” Germaine Acogny.

Ecole des Sables is located in the village of Toubab Dialaw and in 2009 it set up a dance program for the children of the village, in partnership with the local primary school and its parents association. This is a long term project intended to provide children with dance classes at school and raise awareness of the fundamental educational value of the practice.

Other educational activities have emerged from this pilot program, including interventions in schools and day visits to the centre for groups of children from the schools in the region for an introduction to dance and dance classes.

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