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Dance workshop with the Great Ladies of Dances from Africa
January 31st to February 13rd 2019


The Center – Since 1998, Ecole des Sables organizes, on a regular basis, dance workshops for dancers from Africa and elsewhere. The Center contributes to the development of the African Contemporary Dance and is a real platform for encounters and exchanges.

The Workshop – Dancers from all around the world with different profiles will come participate to this unique opportunity of dancing with the key figures of the affirmation of contemporary dance in Africa. These world-known dance referents who have guided several generations of dancers worldwide will be teaching together at Ecole des Sables.

The Participants – The workshop is addressed to dancers of the world interested in African contemporary dance and in living a unique experience at the Ecole des Sables.

The Great Ladies :

Léna BLOU ( Guadeloupe) ;  Nora CHIPAUMIRE ( Zimbabwe)

Chantal LOIAL (Guadeloupe) ; Mamela NYAMZA (South Africa)

The Program – 2 weeks. 6 hours dance classes by day. Saturday mornings are dedicated to research and exploration workshops. 1 excursion is planned on Sunday.

The Place – Ecole des Sables is located near Toubab Dialaw, a fishermen’s village 53 kilometers south of Dakar, close to a lagoon between ocean and savannah. The Center holds 2 dance studios (400 m2 and 280 m2), 24 bungalows for accommodation, a restaurant, a conference room and an infirmary.

The price – The workshop costs 850 € including accommodation and meals at the center facilities for 2 weeks, transfer from and to the airport, and 60 hours of dance classes. The travel related costs and a compulsory health international insurance are to be covered by the participants.


Inscription – Deadline December 31st 2018

Please send us a presentation letter and the registration form filled in and signed to the email address:  

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Laylie Weidman, USA
It is only now that I realize how my way of dancing and my choreographic ideas have evolved. This workshop strengthened my body – my legs, my trunk, my arms – and widened my concentration and focus capacities. I acquired a new energy which I find exciting to explore. I also feel a stronger connection to the earth, to the space around, and of course to music.

Aida Colmenero Diaz, Spain
What I learned from you was a revelation for me. I learned how to work from materials like joy, elegance, and from the relation between the body and nature, life and the sun. I also learned a lot on my own identity. This school is a paradise. It is so wonderful to work here.

Miranda Wheen, USA
I have the feeling that now I have a wider view of Africa and that my body is full of new sensations and new paths. This workshop provided me with new trajectories, both personally and professionally.

Jamila Rodrigues, Brazil
Meeting with dancers from all over the world was an incredible experience. It was interesting to see how people respected their social and religious differences and to feel the harmony that existed within the group.