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Ecole des Sables is also an ideal place for organizing seminars and conferences. It boasts a conference room with interpreting booths, p.a., equipped for film and slide projection and can accommodate 50 delegates. Various seminars and conferences have been organized at Ecole des Sables since 2004, including Diatour, AFVP (the French Volunteer Agency), ADAFEST (federation of cultural broadcasting and distribution structures), Orange, Arterial Network and the French Institute.

A Teambuilding program has been specifically developed to provide seminar attendees with physical activity sessions as a complement to the intellectual work, thereby boosting well-being and conviviality. These workshops are based on movement techniques accessible to all designed to relax body and mind and foster bonding and networking.



Hosting of seminars and conferences

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Relax and discover week-end

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Team building

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