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There was a dream at the beginning.
A dream from me, Germaine Acogny and a dream from me, Helmut Vogt.

A dream which became reality, called THE ECOLE DES SABLES and which became The home of African Dance, built on rocks! Strong! Facing the laguna, the sea and the savannah. Known everywhere in the world.

The space has educated, inspired, encouraged, gathered dancers and choreographers from all over Africa and elsewhere. It’s the pride of the African dancers, it’s their home now, their hope.

They say it, they live it.

This place will, has to continue living, working and shining!

We thank all those who have accompanied us up to now, but it’s necessary today to take our financial destiny even more in our own hands. On new human bases.

This is why we send YOU this letter today.To all you people, who know our work, our space and who are ready to support us, to take an engagement with us because you think the Ecole des Sables needs to continue existing, because the SUN (JANT-BI in Wolof) has to continue shining.

It’s a chance for us that you are close to us, but at the same time it’s an opportunity for you, because the one who gives will also receive. We wish that you will receive a lot from us and through us and from elsewhere and that one day we can all dance together!

The circle of FRIENDS is now opened!

To make the circle of friends even bigger, to have even more chance to achieve our goals, we would like to ask you to have a look around your friends and see and feel who might be sensible to become a “humming bird” or an “elephant” (see explanation later), in other words a FRIEND OF THE ECOLE DES SABLES. Please send this information to them, if you are already convinced, and gain some more points to enter the paradise of the Sun of JANT BI!

With warm and kind regards
Germaine ACOGNY et Helmut VOGT


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We chose the names of the animals of Africa below to choose the amount that you want / can to show your friendship with the Ecole des Sables. Listen to your inner voice , look at your account and choose  .

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