African Workshop

African Workshop


Since 1998, school regularly organizes professional training workshops gathering dancers and choreographers from Africa, the African Diaspora and all over the world.

More than 500 dancers from 26 African countries have already benefited from a professional training, taught by African and Western teachers of international reputation, in which choreographic classes, improvisation and theatre classes have proved to be advantageously complementary to the traditional dances and the Western and African contemporary dance classes.

These workshops offer a strong basis to young African dancers for their future career. This means professionalizing them and enabling them to take responsibility in the choice of their professional projects and to position themselves as artists.

The School, due to its functioning, has also an important role for helping, listening and being available to support the students in their initiatives and professional projects, and provide them with rigor, organizational capacities and open-mindedness.

The L’Ecole des Sables is recognized by the Senegalese Ministry of Education since February 2005 and authorized to deliver officially diplomas.

Professional training workshops

Professional training in traditional and contemporary dances / The most important project of l’Ecole des Sables is a basic training for young dancers and choreographers from all over Africa organized almost every year. This is the opportunity for about forty dancers from more than twenty African countries to enrich and exchange their knowledge during 10 weeks.

Since 2015, L’Ecole des Sables has chosen to set up a new way of studies, rooted in time, based on continuity, destined for a small number of dancers, rigorously selected in order to get better results in terms of creativity and choreographic productivity.

Choreographic tools training/ A eight to ten-weeks high level training is organized for a selection of the best dancers/choreographers after their first workshop in order to benefit from a more profound complementary training on chorographic research.

International professional workshop in African dances/ L’Ecole gathers every two years dancers from Africa, the African Diaspora and from all over the world, for a 6-weeks workshop. This training program gives the opportunity for African dancers on one hand to open up to an international artistic world and on the other hand for non-African dancers to discover the essential elements of traditional and contemporary African dances; in short, exchange, discovery and connection opportunities between artists and the artistic universe from all over the world.

Training of Trainers / More recently the school has developed a training program for dance teachers to allow them to be more professional in their work with schools and young audiences.


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From April 22th to June 28th, 2019

Over the last twenty years, the Ecole des Sables has done an important development work by training a wide range of dancers from various backgrounds and countries and by providing various types of training and specializations.

The Ecole des Sables has become a reference for dance in Africa, a structure that strongly supports the artistic and personal development of young artists with great potential, filling the absence of quality dance schools on the continent.

In this context, the School is committed to African dance training and supports the continent’s creative potential through the launch of the second graduation diploma  ( 2018-2020) in traditional and contemporary African dances , involving twenty-three talented dancers from all over Africa.

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