Paul Sagne

Paul Sagne is Ecole des Sables Administrative Director. He was born in 1979 in Dakar. Trained as an accountant, he has worked in an accountancy firm, schools and various associations such as the Scouts of Senegal movement. In this association, Paul also developed his skills as a community involvement officer, assistant to the national permanent staff of the Scouts of Senegal, in charge of administration, programme monitoring, and so on. Paul Sagne has been working with École des Sables since 2005. He has has successively held the positions of administrative assistant and technical staff, treasurer, logistics manager, logistics manager, and project coordinator, personnel manager and currently as General Administrator.
In the meantime, he has followed training courses such as: Strategic Planning Training, BASE communication NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) certification, E-learning training “Discovering humanitarianism” BIOFORCE.
Paul Sagne has developed an in-depth knowledge of the mission and vision of École des Sables and contributes to it with its social, spiritual and cultural values.
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