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“My wish is that dance should be taught in nursery schools, primary schools, middle schools and high schools in the same way as PES (Physical and Sports Education) in order to root young people in our traditions by opening up the future to a contemporary world.”
Germaine Acogny

"Les Mercredis à l'Ecole des Sables en Ligne"

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Acogny Technique Online

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International Professional Workshop

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Creation of the Company

Jant-Bi II

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Temps Danse Online


École des Sables offered you the ONLINE version of the Contemporary African Dance workshop Temps Danse with: Germaine Acogny, Merlin Nyakam, Irène Tassembedo* and Salia Sanou and their musicians. Temps Danse Online was held from 26 October to 7 November 2020 on Zoom.

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Information regarding Temps Danse Online 2021 will be available shortly.

Germaine Acogny Technique

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