Acogny Technique Online

In the midst of Corona Virus breakout in 2020, when millions of us around the world were isolated from each other, we invited you to experience Acogny classes and connect as a community, in the comfort of your own home or space.

As always with the Acogny Technique, we listen to our body, so we can then touch it, connect with it and find joy in the movement!

Acogny Technique Online (intermediary level) returned in April in a new format. A 4-week programme, every Tuesday!

And now we present the Acogny Technique Online, April edition! Acogny Technique Online Classes every Tuesday afternoon at 19:00 CEST.

Join us this April and dance with us wherever you are!

Every Tuesday we will have one zoom class from 19:00 to 20:00 CEST.
You can book individual classes or full course!

Book now:
20 Euros for 1 class

Special discount for vocational dance students and professional dance artists: 50% per class

We need one or more of the following proofs:
– A CV,
– or a link to your work
– or a photo of your student card.

For special discount please contact us, before you conclude your registration, at:

DISCLAIMER: * Ownership of all Acogny movements presented by the Teacher during the training will remain with Ecole des Sables. The recording and distributing of classes presented is forbidden. By joining our Acogny classes you declare that you are in good shape and understand the nature of Acogny. You fully accept and assume all responsibility for injury that may result from your participation in the Acogny class. Ecole des Sables, its employees and teachers, other participants do not hold any responsibility with any or all injury arising from the activity to the fullest extent permitted by law. *

Choose below and book now!

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