This training will consist of a series of 10-week workshops for dancers from Africa and its Diaspora who wish to develop their practices and deepen their training and teaching by international teachers from Africa and its Diaspora.

At the end of the programme, participants will have the opportunity to obtain a professional diploma.

The three years of training are mandatory to obtain the diploma. However, it is possible to do one or two years to obtain a certificate

The training will aim to promote African skills as well as those of the diaspora and also to initiate a permanent dialogue between these different actors, each of whom has knowledge to pass on or to discover. We are aware that many artists living outside the continent are in great need of reconnecting with the continent and what it has to offer. It goes without saying that our colleagues on the continent would also benefit from an encounter with the hybrid cultures developed by the diaspora. We will offer both contemporary and traditional repertoire rooted in African and diaspora cultures – a programme followed by two weeks of intensive work with each teacher involved.


With the support of Institut Français, Korê, European Union, ACP, ACP-UE culture, AWA and Dance Reflections by Van Cleef and Arpels, this training will be offered to 30 dancers from the continent and its diaspora with the aim of strengthening the profession of dancer-performer and choreographer. These artists will have had a minimum of 3 years of training or professional experience. They must speak French and/or English.


This course will take place over 3 intensive 10-week training modules between 2022 and 2024.
We have successfully finalised Module 1. Where is the Black Dancing Body? From 9th of May to 15th of July.

Now we are getting ready for the next two modules:
Module 2. Performance, visibility and Blackness 01/05-08/07/2023
Module 3. To be announced soon.


Send a CV, 1 portrait photo, 1 minute video link (Youtube/Instagram), a letter or video of motivation that answers the following question: As a black artist, African or descendant of Africa, where do you stand in the panorama of the contemporary scene / performing arts and what brings you to apply for this training?

Deadline for application is 16 December 2022


  • Germaine Acogny Technique
  • Black contemporary dances
  • Caribbean Dances
  • Traditional Dances from a Contemporary Perspective
  • Traditional Dances of West, East and Southern Africa
  • Conference and debates on Africa, its diaspora and the Caribbean
  • Theorisation of African dance techniques (including Acogny technique)
  • Film/documentary screenings on dances from Africa, its Diaspora and the Caribbean
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Meetings and debates on traditional and hybrid cultures of the diaspora
  • Visit to a creative arts venue or cultural event
  • Cultural and social visits


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