Ecole de Sables (EDS) under the new  artistic direction of Wesley Ruzibiza and Alesandra Seutin, has the plan of putting in place Jant-Bi II; formed of young dancers based in Senegal. Alongside this new project, we will be offering regular classes for the company members and young Senegalese dancers with the aim of developing their professional skills and create sources of revenues with their arts.

This project will begin in March 2021  and will target a minimum of 30  Senegalese dancers. Through this initiative EDS also wants to participate in reducing the exodus from our continent by stimulating the artistry in our communities and creating  career opportunities for the local professional dancers.

Our Mission

The mission of Ecole des Sables is to advance the founding vision of choreographer, dancer, teacher and African cultural pioneer Germaine Acogny, by creating a cultural community, which offers dance training, performances, educational and community programs for all.

Since 1998, Ecole des Sables has been developing professional training programmes for young dancers and choreographers of African origin. To date, more than 700  dancers from 27 African countries, including 150 Senegalese, have been trained.

How have we survived so far? What has changed?

We have actively been working on staying engaged with our audiences by organising online Germaine Acogny Technique classes during the first lockdown, we have adapted one of our international workshops Temps Danse into an online platform for our national and international students; Germaine Acogny has managed to still tour her solo and the duet with Salia Sanou to reduced venues in France and Spain. We have learnt that we are resilient and that we can still work remotely and engage with the world via the digital realm. We are still working on the preparation of our on-site activities to be resumed as soon as the Pandemic situation is managed. We need your support more than ever to keep running in this way and on-site in order to be able to plan future activities with all these new found connections. It has reinforced our conviction to develop local dancers, to educate them via the artform of dance and to give them more professional opportunities to tour locally, nationally and regionally.

We need you to help us support our community
through education.

Help us achieve this objective!

We created this campaign to raise  funds for Jant-Bi II’s new production as well as creating a source of income for our teachers, the school staff and also for supporting ongoing training for those who need it.

Jant-Bi II serves as a reservoir and a pied-à-terre for the senior company. The company’s basic mission is the training, creation and above all the dissemination of dance and its role as an element of development and social cohesion. Its ambition is to promote dance and make it accessible by 2030 in all local communities in Senegal.

Help us achieve this objective! Support the future of young senegalese dancers!

If you require additional information please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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