Diploma-based Continuing Education

Over the last twenty years, Ecole des Sables has done a great deal of development work by training a wide range of dancers from different backgrounds and countries and by providing various types of training and specialisations. The Ecole des Sables has become a reference in the African dance scene, a structure of great support for the artistic and personal development of young artists of great potential, filling the lack of quality professional dance schools on the continent.

It is in order to remedy this lack of training opportunities and to respond to this need for artistic innovation in dance that Ecole des Sables decided in 2015 to reorient its training programme, in order to be more relevant, to offer a more targeted and adapted training programme, with an emphasis on in-depth and continuous work. More than ever, the School wants to maintain its educational role and offer opportunities for the development of young dancers from the continent, raising the level in terms of creativity and choreographic creation.

With this in mind, the School is committed to training in African dance and supporting the creative potential of the continent through the launch of the second graduating class of the Diploma in Traditional and Contemporary African Dance, involving twenty-four talented dancers from across Africa.

Objectives of the project

1. Train dancers in the crafts and subtleties of contemporary choreographic interpretation

2. Provide technical and intellectual training to prepare dancers for the challenges of the trade. 

3. Broadening the vision of dancers in contemporary dance and African dances

4. To give practical tools, both technical and intellectual, for choreographic conception: improvisation, composition, physical and musical expression, knowledge of the choreographic and artistic world.

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